ROG announces the first gaming monitor with HDMI2.1 standards
ROG announces the first gaming monitor with HDMI2.1 standards

ASUS ROG launched the world's first dedicated gaming monitor with HDMI 2.1, 4K resolution, and 120Hz refresh rate.

ASUS ROG has always been a pioneer in the use of the new HDMI 2.1 port standard in the latest release of the company's gaming screen, as the standard has been certified by Allion Labs, which specializes in testing new devices.

The new 43-inch ASUS ROG display supports HDMI 2.1 and compatible with the next generation of next-generation gaming platforms that support these standards at 48Gbps, 4K UHD or 3840 with 2K pixels probe. A variable refresh rate to support 120 Hz

The new ROG gaming screen also has an automatic function to reduce response time. Screen processing mode is also enabled on the gaming platform, and the screen prioritizes shorter waiting times, efficiency, and quality of screen processing depending on the content.

ROG also confirmed that the game screen has been thoroughly tested in Allion Labs, including FRL test, FRL pixel decoder test and FRL protocol test to ensure the game screen works. Compatible with next-generation gaming platform that supports HDMI 2.1 standard support. .

Allion Labs also confirmed that ROG is ready for the next generation gaming platform that will be launched later this year. The game series includes a set of standard ROG HDMI 2.1 gaming monitors that are released during the holiday season. 27, 32 and 43 inches.

ROG is one of the leading companies in the field of gaming screens as the company seeks to exceed the standards and specifications of existing gaming screens in order to provide new standards and achieve a leading position among gaming screens for competing brands.

In addition, ROG has always been a pioneer in providing advanced game screen technology to provide users with an amazing visual gaming experience. ROG has always been a pioneer in the release of ROG Swift PG258Q gaming monitors that support a 240Hz refresh rate and ROG Swift PG43UQ 4K displays. The DSC game screen refresh rate is 144Hz, while the ROG Swift game screen refresh rate is 360Hz.

It is worth noting that ROG gaming devices are the first choice for many players who perform overclocking tasks within the game, and the company continues to introduce new technologies and versions to support the players.

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