Samsung announces the price and date of the Galaxy Z Fold 2
Samsung announces the price and date of the Galaxy Z Fold 2

Samsung today (Tuesday) announced new details about its flagship foldable phone, the Galaxy Z Fold 2, which was released last month, as well as the Galaxy Note 20 series.

The South Korean company focused on announcing the price and launch time of the phone at today's event. He said, This phone is priced at $ 1,999.99 in the US. The first order starts today and begins shipping on September 18th. September this year.

Samsung's overall strategy for using the Galaxy Z Fold 2 is to convince potential buyers that it has overcome the design problems of the first generation of mobile phones. It has a glass screen, stronger seams and better protection against falling.

This new phone is the successor to last year's Galaxy Fold. In addition to placing the front camera on the screen, it is also equipped with a new camera system and a larger external screen.

(Galaxy ZFold 2), which matches the name of the Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Flip 5G foldable phones, and appears to be the first major update from Samsung for its flagship foldable phone. Cell phone bug improvements last year.

(Galaxy Z Fold 2) replaces the very small external screen and features a large 6.2 inch external screen that covers the entire front of the phone. This makes it more useful to the users as we can use the phone without unlocking the phone. Samsung expanded the internal screen to 7.2 inches, supported a 120 Hz refresh rate and provided a hole for the front camera.

The phone is equipped with a Snapdragon 865 Plus processor, which is the latest product from Qualcomm. It also has the advantage of using ultra-thin glass to protect the foldable screen, and it also supports the flexible mode feature on the phone (Galaxy Z Flip).

Samsung said: It has redesigned the layers of the phone to improve its durability. It features what Samsung calls "blank". It uses elastic fibers to remove dust or debris from the seams and prevent damage to the screen.

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