Redmi is exciting the Redmi G gaming computer
Redmi is exciting the Redmi G gaming computer

Redmi, a trademark of Xiaomi Corporation (Redmi Corporation), has launched a trailer for a laptop with powerful specifications that will allow it to be one of the computers distributed for gaming lovers.

In the past two years, many smart phone companies have moved to the PC market and competition in this market has intensified. Given the need to work and study from home during the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic, competition in the market has improved in recent months. Due to the boom in the smartphone market, it is ranked 19th after years of decline.

After launching two cheap RedmiBook computers last July, the RedmiBook appears eager to enter the PC gaming market.

Redmi has released a teaser for the new Redmi G gaming computer, which will be announced on August 14th. The message displays a computer with a narrow frame. Gives the computer a luxurious and modern look.

In an article on the Chinese social networking site (Weibo), the company promised to provide a great cooling system and high performance, not least because these computers require high cooling capacity. Because its temperature rises quickly.

On July 8th, Redmi introduced two new laptops in the RedmiBook series, which feature a 10th generation Intel processor, which replaces the Ryzen 4000 processor on the same computer previously announced. This year.

On Tuesday, Xiaomi - with its flagship smartphone (Mi 10 Ultra) Mi 10 Ultra - announced some unique specifications of its other smartphones (Redmi K30 Ultra) Redmi K30 Ultra compared to the (Redmi K30 Pro) Redmi K30 Pro mobile phone under the requirement.

The phone has a MediaTek Dimensity 1000+ processor, and its screen supports a 120Hz refresh rate and 33W wired charging.

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