Samsung creates a custom tracking chip for Google
Samsung creates a custom tracking chip for Google

Google has used Samsung to develop and manufacture a tracking chip so that the chip can track human movements.

This inquiry from the US research giant shows that the Korean giant semiconductor manufacturing industry is booming.

It will be interesting to know if Samsung is seeing significant growth in the global semiconductor manufacturing market.

When Google announced its intention to purchase Fitbit, it took a big step forward and became a major player in the fitness tracker market.

The acquisition caught the attention of European regulators, but Google intends to continue the deal.

Thanks to the new report from the Korean website (ETNews), we have an idea of ​​what Google is doing in the mobile business.

Not surprisingly, Google uses its own chip as the company uses its own Pixel Visual Core image processor and Titan M hardware security unit in Pixel smartphones.

However, in this case, Google has developed its own chipset rather than outsourcing this task to third parties.

The report did not include detailed information about the tracking chip manufactured by Samsung that is displayed on the device.

According to recent reviews from Google, I've been talking about making wearable devices attractive to people around the world, and the tracking chip is likely to appear on newer devices that Google can carry.

The European Union is currently reviewing the acquisition of Fitbit by Google and may not make a decision until the end of this year.

In this case, the new Google tracking chip will not appear on wearable devices until 2021 at the earliest.

As we all know, Google imposes the use of semiconductors that make sensors that measure the movement of the human body, not the treatments found in current computers.

The exact value of Samsung's contract with Google has not been confirmed, but it can be expected that the contract will have a positive impact on Samsung's semiconductor performance.

Google hopes to expand its hardware business, which includes smartphones, smart home speakers and augmented reality glasses.

It should be noted that this report also states that Samsung has received a request from Google to make multiple slides and that another chip linked to it could be a Google mobile processor called "Whitechapel". There were many rumors. .

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