Tesla cars face owners who want to improve their performance
Tesla cars face owners who want to improve their performance

Tesla Motors has embarked on a battle with car owners to steal their cars in order to unlock the performance improvement programs that are sold as software updates by the automaker itself.

A few years ago, Tesla started selling vehicles with scalable software lock features, such as: B- A 75 kWh battery unlocked at 60 kWh or higher power and can be accessed through software updates.

The latest example of this is the official Tesla Acceleration Boost release, which is a $ 2,000 antenna software upgrade that can increase the dual-engine acceleration of the Model 3 from 0 to 60 mph. Up to 3.9 seconds.

Power Acceleration Boost can deliver around 50 HP to the Model 3 Dual Motor's powertrain, reducing acceleration time from 0 to 60mph to 3.9 seconds.

Earlier this year, a company called Ingenext launched a device that allows Tesla owners to unlock the same capacity at half the price.

Model 3 owners must connect the connector to the MCU. In addition to some other features of (Ingenext) (for example (Drift Mode)), you will automatically receive a 50hp boost.

As people think, Tesla cars have begun to resist hacker attacks and some owners who purchased the device have received notifications on board after a recent Tesla software update.

The notice states: The vehicle has encountered a change that is inconsistent with the vehicle and the change could present a potential risk of damage or locking.

The notification appears to still be on the display, but the vehicle can still drive.

Guillaume André, founder of Ingenext, said: Tesla has fixed its driver update which enables software update functionality with version number 2020.32.1.

Andre explained that they had sent notifications to customers warning them about the update and that only 3 customers had updated the car before they saw the update.

Ingenext is currently developing a fix for it so that its customers can update easily. It will take a week or two for a fix to become available.

On the Ingenext page, customers can see if the update is safe or not.

Many owners hope to increase their production capacity. Since Tesla has already purchased the car, Tesla claims the change will cause damage, which is odd because they use the same code the company uses to speed it up.

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