TikTok may announce the sale of its US operations next week
TikTok may announce the sale of its US operations next week

TikTok CEO Kevin Meyer announced his resignation on Thursday after posting promotional materials in the Financial Times.

According to (CNBC) US News, people familiar with the matter reported that Meyer was initially planning to announce his resignation, in addition to announcing the agreement to sell the company next week, but after the leak, he quickly announced his resignation. Meyer joined the company earlier this year after directing a video broadcast at Disney.

The company said in an internal memo to employees: The director of the American company (Vanessa Papas) will manage the business after Mayer's departure. In addition to the joint bid from Microsoft and Wal-Mart, TikTok has yet to make a decision on a buyer and is currently discussing an Oracle offering. The latter confirmed that he would participate in a potential TikTok deal and said he would work with Microsoft.

Earlier, CNBC reported that Walmart is negotiating a joint bid for the company with SoftBank, but that this effort may fail. Because the two companies do not have a cloud infrastructure.

A Walmart spokesperson told CNBC, "The way TikTok integrates e-commerce and advertising capabilities into other markets is undoubtedly beneficial to the creators and users of those markets."

He added, "We believe that the potential relationship with TikTok US and Microsoft can add to this key functionality and provide (Walmart) an important way to reach our global customers and serve them and grow our market. Outside and promotional activities. We are confident that the partnership with Wal-Mart will meet the expectations of our users." TikTok in the US and it will also address US government regulators ’concerns.”

According to CNBC sources, TikTok (TikTok) may sell its stores in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand for between $ 20 billion and $ 30 billion, but the price has not yet been decided.

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