Trump repeatedly accuses Amazon of causing the demise of the U.S. Postal Service
Trump repeatedly accuses Amazon of causing the demise of the U.S. Postal Service
US President Donald Trump confirmed his belief that Amazon was responsible for the demise of the US Postal Service on Monday.

Trump made the same statement in April after a series of attacks on the company in 2018 when he claimed that Amazon had cost the US Postal Service "billions of dollars."

People think that even if Trump is right, the postal service is losing money, but Amazon and other online e-commerce companies aren't necessarily responsible. Previous CNBC analysis found that Amazon could save the post office from a financial meltdown as it increased delivery of packages from online retailers. Amazon also relies on several carriers to deliver packages like UPS and FedEx, and is gradually building its own network of contract delivery partners that currently includes 1,300 companies.

The main reason for the ongoing mail deficit is believed to be the U.S. Postal Service's commitment to providing medical services to its employees that cost more than $ 5 billion annually. Other work-related expenses fluctuate; According to the U.S. Postal Service in its 2019 annual report, each year is based on "changing insurance assumptions such as interest rates, inflation, and demographics of workers and retirees." . Employee compensation is paid annually.

According to recent financial results, the Postal Service has benefited from increased parcel delivery to Americans who have stayed home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but its premium mail and business mail are in decline.

Fox News asked the president about the Trump administration's concerns about the possibility of interfering with the position to influence the vote in the presidential election in November. The Postal Service has shut down hundreds of mail-processing machines across the country, and dozens of states have warned that they may not be able to process postal ballot papers in time to accommodate the November 3 presidential election. Meanwhile, the service is facing widespread postal delays due to the Coronavirus pandemic and its financial hardship has increased.

Trump said the newspaper could offset its financial woes by increasing its delivery rate to offset delivery charges that online retailers advertise. Trump added, referring to the CEO of Amazon (Jeff Bezos), "This person should be rich, so make him pay."

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