Twitter is testing machine translation of tweets into other languages
Twitter is testing machine translation of tweets into other languages

Twitter announced today that it will expand its online translation capabilities by testing the machine translation of these Tweets on a small group of users.

The platform currently supports online translation, so users can click on any tweet written in other languages ​​to translate it.

If you choose English as your primary language on Twitter, all other Tweets in different languages ​​will have a Translate button.

So far, this process has been manual. If you don't choose a translated version, you will see the original Tweet.

With this latest change, Twitter requires all Tweets to display in the user's language.

Twitter said: To make your conversations on Twitter more understandable, we are trying to automatically translate Tweets into other languages ​​which will be shown on the homepage.

"We know that sometimes it can take a long time to translate consecutive tweets before we can find a method that works for us," she added.

The platform reported that this new option is currently only being tested among Brazilian users, as all tweets written in other languages ​​are automatically translated into Brazilian Portuguese.

However, some Brazilian users complain that Twitter allows machine translation by default and they can rest assured that some machine translations are not always correct.

Translators like Google Translate and even the new Apple Translate cannot provide accurate translations, which could lead to misunderstandings about the content.

While this can be beneficial for people who do not understand other languages, enabling machine translation is a very strict policy by default.

Some test team members saw the translated text and could click to restore it to the original language, while other test team members saw the translation and the original text in the same text. He tweeted the normal way.

When translating a Tweet, a warning is displayed: "This translation is English translation by Google" or "English translation by Microsoft".

The company said, "Depending on how this test is conducted, we may extend the provision of resources to Brazil and other countries without providing detailed information about when machine translation will be available in more countries, but remembering that also can abandon this feature before expanding internationally."

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