Twitter launches its long-awaited developer platform
Twitter launches its long-awaited developer platform

Twitter announced, on Wednesday, the launch of the second version of the new application programming interface (API) after a delay of nearly a month due to the breach of several known accounts on its website.

Twitter said in the article: The Application Programming Interface (API) gives companies, educational institutions, and third-party developers broad access to public Twitter data that users want to share.

The company announced the new API last month. After announcing one of the most devastating hacks in social media history the next day, the company decided to delay its release. It's worth noting that Twitter introduced API version 2 not only to offer new features faster, but also to reconfigure its complex and long-standing relationship with the app developer community.

Since the company began restricting the way third-party developers can create products in addition to theirs in 2012, API v2 is the first complete rebuild since the Twitter API. Until then, third-party developers can more or less replicate and customize the Twitter experience in their apps. However, with Twitter paying more attention to its promotional activities, it has made a clear decision not to distract its user base. Gradually, third-party developers have been put under pressure to prevent them from using new features, such as: b. Polls and compilation of direct messages and apps that lead users to the company.

The company is now trying to re-establish this relationship as third-party developers can use version 2 API to access features that their applications have been missing for a long time, such as: b. Discussion threads and survey results Tweets and tweets Text locked on profiles and spam filters. You can also access the Tweet feed in real time without having to wait for third parties before sending a new Tweet.

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