Will Huawei phones with Google services get new updates?
Will Huawei phones with Google services get new updates?

The temporary public license allowing Huawei to do limited business with US companies expired on August 13, as the original purpose of the license was to give US telecom companies time to explore alternative Huawei products. However, to monitor the infrastructure used, Google's apps and services were also active on Huawei phones, which were launched before the company accepted the trade embargo in May 2019. In addition, the license enables Google to provide software updates. Android and security fixes for old Huawei devices.

What does this mean for Huawei phone users?

Not all Huawei phones are affected by this latest development. Only devices that still have Google Mobile Services (including important phones like (P30)) can and won't stop receiving Android operating systems or security updates. Becomes more. If the temporary license is still pending, Google apps will also be updated on these old phones.

At the same time, Huawei phones that were launched after the trade ban went into effect in May 2019 will not be affected because they use the open source version of the Android system and receive updates directly from Huawei instead of Google. .

A Huawei spokesman told the Washington Post: The company is monitoring the situation and assessing the potential impact.

Google has not commented on future Android updates for Huawei phones. A spokesman for the company told the newspaper: The temporary license allows it to provide software updates for Huawei phones, which means that the updates will stop without these updates.

Currently, Huawei smartphone owners authorized to use Google services must maintain their current location by the company or the US Department of Commerce until further notice.

As we all know, the situation is not optimistic as the United States has also prevented this Chinese giant from joining the ranks of global chipmakers, declaring that this giant is a threat to US national security. .

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