With Zoom still in control, Facebook has modernized its messaging room
With Zoom still in control, Facebook has modernized its messaging room

Facebook added new features to its messaging rooms on Wednesday - in competition with its popular video conferencing service (Zoom) - and gave users the ability to customize the room experience. It also made it easy to create and identify. the rooms.

These changes came after the Messenger app recently dropped slightly from the US App Store's top ranking, which is usually in the top ten in the US. According to App Annie, the mobile analytics company, the app dropped to 15th last week.

But the app returned to the top ten, but with American schools getting an education by default, the app may reduce the use of children who prefer alternative solutions such as (Zoom) and (Google) Dead) Google Meet. It is worth noting that the (Zoom) application comes first in the American App Store.

Now the new version of (Messenger Room) will display the room the user was invited to at the top of the "Chat" tab in the "Inbox" for easy searching. You can also make the ability to create new rooms more straightforward by placing options in the front and center of the chat tab.

Other changes affect room management as users can now create rooms with Standard, Suggested, or Custom events, set future start dates, and customize audience options. Additionally, you can use the conference room management feature to view, change, or delete conference rooms created or added by future users, or to invite others to join the rooms. Current conference.

The "room sharing" option also helps send notifications to friends and remind them to invite them. In terms of customization, Messenger has started developing a new way to personalize the user's room experience, as it can use 360 ​​degree wallpapers and user lighting filters in addition to the options previously provided. Atmosphere Messenger can now let it use its own style. The picture decorates the back of the room.

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