A US judge refuses to block implementation of the WeChat ban
A US judge refuses to block implementation of the WeChat ban

A California judge refused to block implementation of a US Department of Commerce order issued on Friday, which would prevent the US app store from offering downloads of the Tencent WeChat app next Sunday.

Judge (Laurel Piller) said: After the US Department of Commerce issued an order, the restrictive order appeared to be the subject of discussion in a lawsuit filed by WeChat users in the United States, but it was said in a written order: “Today the court can proceed with any urgent investigation. .

Bueller issued a follow-up mission, the user's attorney (WeChat) uploaded information on why the transfer was not properly executed before 10:45 AM West Coast Time (8:45 PM Mecca Time).

The Justice Department said in a court ruling on Friday that Peeler should reject the request, saying President Donald Trump "relied on his emergency powers to resolve the WeChat threat and that the prosecutor did not." He did not explain the legal basis for the extraordinary measures taken by the court. Training. Arrangement of force.

The US Department of Commerce announced that it will issue an order Friday to prevent Americans from using the video-sharing app TikTok and the instant messaging app (WeChat) from Chinese company ByteDance, effective September 20. Download.

US Commerce Department officials said President Donald Trump may lift the ban on the recently downloaded TikTok app in the US before it goes into effect later on Sunday if ByteDance reaches an agreement on the fate of its US operations.

ByteDance has held talks with Oracle and other companies to create a new company called TikTok Global to address US concerns about the security of its user data. The company still needs Trump's approval to circumvent the US ban.

Sales reps announced that they will not block any further technical transactions for the TikTok app until November 12, so the company has more time to consider whether ByteDance is closing a deal for its government operations. -united. US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross told Fox Business, "Main TikTok will remain unchanged until November 12th."

It should be noted that this ban came in response to Trump's order on August 6. The Commerce Department gave 45 days to determine which transactions should be banned as a national security threat. . The deadline ends next Sunday.

Commerce Department officials said they would take extraordinary measures because collecting damage data was too risky. China and the two companies refuse to collect data on US spy users.

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