Acer announces new Swift computer with the latest Intel processor
Acer announces new Swift computer with the latest Intel processor

Acer announced today (Wednesday) that its new computers (Swift 3) Swift 3 and (Swift 5) Swift 5 contain the latest processors of the eleventh generation from Intel Tiger Lake.

The Taiwanese company said in a statement: Starting price for Swift 5 is $ 999.99 and starting price for Swift 3 is $ 699.99. These computers will be put on the market by November next year.

Swift 5 was one of the first laptops to pass the new Intel Evo platform test. System with this badge should have a "realistic" battery life of 9 hours or more, alarm time of no more than a second, fast charging, support for Wi-Fi 6, support for the Thunderbolt 4 transmission standard, etc. Acer said it works Always still trying to get a badge for my other Swift 5 PC.

The Swift 5 can be equipped with Core i5 or Core i7 processors. Acer claims that based on full performance tests, it can save 17 hours of battery life, so actual consumption may be less.

With the exception of the new processor, no computer offers other important updates as the new model weighs slightly less than last year at 1 kg. According to Acer, the 14-inch touchscreen can reach 340 nits, which is brighter than previous products. It's also covered in anti-bacterial Corning Gorilla Glass, which the company says reduces odors and stains.

Swift offers 3 options: the first: the SF313-53, the screen size is 13.5 inches, the aspect ratio of 3: 2, the weight is 1.19 kg, and the starting price is $ 799.99. According to Acer, this computer has a screen brightness of 400 nits and can run for 18 hours. And there is another model: the SF314-59, with a 14-inch screen, a resolution of 1080 pixels, and a weight of 1.2 kilograms, starting at $ 699.99.

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