Amazon is distancing itself from the Prime bike
Amazon is distancing itself from the Prime bike

Amazon Prime or EX-Prime's Echelon Fitness bike and fitness equipment company is still out of reach because the product was mistaken as a collaborative product between the two companies.

Echelon Fitness announced the so-called Prime exercise bike and described it as Amazon's first fitness product developed in cooperation with Amazon.

The move was widely announced as Amazon's first entry into the smart bike market.

The news sent stocks in bike maker Peloton lower as retailers expect Amazon to enter the growing home fitness market.

Amazon declined to participate in any collaborations with Echelon Fitness or Prime Bikes and asked Echelon Fitness to stop selling Prime Bikes and rename it.

Amazon appears to have removed the product from its website and listed it as not currently available, and Echelon Fitness removed the product's press release to encourage collaboration with Amazon.

An Amazon spokesperson said, "This bike is not an Amazon product or a product associated with the Amazon Prime brand. Echelon Fitness does not have an official partnership with Amazon. We are turning to (Echelon Fitness) to make the point clear. Stop selling the product and it's not branded."

The Echelon fitness bike appears to be an affordable alternative to the Peloton smart bike, and news of its partnership with Amazon makes its launch particularly exciting.

CyclingWeekly stated that only Amazon Prime members can buy this bike for $ 500, and they said the product is seen as a strong competitor to Peloton products.

"The product is made by the company and sold exclusively on Amazon," said Marisa Mastellon, a spokeswoman for Echelon Fitness. Echelon Fitness is working hard to rename the product for resale. As fast as possible.

"Echelon Fitness hopes to return the product for sale on Amazon as soon as possible after rebranding," said Mastellon.

Echelon Fitness CEO claimed in an interview that his company worked with Amazon in January but has not clearly confirmed whether the product was developed for Amazon or Amazon.

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