Amazon prohibits the sale of foreign seeds in the United States
Amazon prohibits the sale of foreign seeds in the United States

The Wall Street Journal reported that Amazon was shipping mysterious and unwanted goods to Americans, mostly with postal labels from China, prohibiting the sale of foreign seeds to the United States.

The Giant Plants and Seeds Retail Policy was updated on September 2 to prohibit the sale or sale of seeds imported from outside the United States by non-residents.

This new directive applies not only to plants, but to plant products as well. "We will only allow US sellers to sell seeds," Amazon said in a statement.

The company may take actions against vendor accounts that violate its policies, including canceling, suspending or forfeiting payments, or preventing them from being sold through the site. It is not clear if the ban on selling seeds abroad extends to other countries.

Amazon's new policy was implemented after the USDA issued a warning to the 50 states in July. Previously, postal labels from China would ship mysterious foreign seeds to American homes.

Some packaging labels are wrong, even if the package only contains seeds in clear plastic packaging, that also means that it contains jewelry or pearls.

While it is not clear who sent the seed shipment or why the seeds were shipped, the USDA believed the unwanted shipment was part of the fraud.

In a July statement, the USDA said: We currently have no evidence to suggest this is a fraud as people receive unwanted items from suppliers and then suppliers post false customer reviews to increase sales.

The federal agency said it is stepping up its cooperation with e-commerce companies. Make sure to follow USDA regulations.

Since then, a number of agencies, including the US Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection, the FBI, the US Postal Service and the state Department of Agriculture have investigated the matter. .

Farm officials warned those who received the package should not be planted. Because unknown seeds can harm gardens, farms and the environment.

The USDA is working with China to investigate the massive shipments of seeds and ways to prevent unnecessary imports in the future, while Chinese officials said the labels are not genuine.

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