Amazon renamed FreeTime to Amazon Kids
Amazon renamed FreeTime to Amazon Kids

In addition to renaming (FreeTime Unlimited) to Amazon Kids Plus, Amazon also renamed Child-Friendly Service (FreeTime) to Amazon Kids.

Back in 2012, Amazon released FreeTime, which is a way for children to enjoy and experiment with technology and a way for parents to easily monitor their children's use.

However, this name looks like a service that can reduce the time you spend on electronic devices, and the rename step can help solve this problem.

In addition to the updated naming system, Amazon introduced a new look to the service. Amazon plans to release a new home screen from Amazon for kids ages 8 and up in the coming weeks to try one. Design change. The appearance of this adult tablet is similar to that of the traditional tablet.

Previously, the service had an improved user interface, children could browse an app simultaneously, and parents could use the Amazon Parents dashboard to set age filters and define what content was displayed on their children's screen.

The new home screen also includes information for quick access to iHeartRadio, a kid-friendly music station.

Amazon today also announced that kids will soon be able to use its Fire Tablet PC to send voicemail messages to everyone in the home using the promotional feature of the Alexa Home Device (eg Top - Smart Speaker (Echo)).

This feature requires parental consent because Amazon hears and processes the child's voice.

Amazon Kids is free, but Amazon Kids Plus requires a $ 5 monthly subscription. If you sign up (Amazon Prime), you'll need $ 3 a month.

The paid services provide exclusive access to thousands of books, movies, TV shows, educational apps, audiobooks, and kids' games on compatible devices (Fire), (Fire TV), Android, iOS and Kindle.

Amazon said: Full brand changes will be rolled out over the next few months, but new home screen options and Alexa integration will be available in a few weeks.

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