America renews pressure on Europe to abandon Huawei in 5G networks
America renews pressure on Europe to abandon Huawei in 5G networks

Huawei is part of China's monitoring of the country and is involved in human rights violations, a senior US official said on Tuesday. At this point, Washington had put Europe under renewed pressure to ban the company from joining the 5G network.

Since the emergence of the economic Corona virus (Covid-19), the Covid-19 epidemic has prevented it from reaching it. This is his first visit to a European capital. Traveled since last March.

“Nokia in Finland and Ericsson in Sweden are the only two companies that European governments should choose,” Crash said.

Referring to the Chinese Communist Party, Crash said at a think tank affiliated with the German Marshall Fund that Huawei is "a branch of the country surveillance run by the Chinese Communist Party and an instrument of human rights violations."

Regarding Huawei, Huawei has repeatedly denied US claims that its 5G devices can be used for spying.

The man who collapsed - held talks with German leaders and officials - linked Huawei to Beijing's security measures in Hong Kong and the crackdown on Uighur Muslims in China.

He said Huawei's participation in the European 5G cellular network would endanger NATO and that China's new technologies are "the backbone of the surveillance country."

“Unreliable and high-risk service providers like Huawei and ZTE are enabling the CCP dictatorship to destroy or militarize critical applications in infrastructure or enable the technological development of the Chinese military,” Crash said.

After the UK and France imposed de facto bans on Chinese companies, Italy and Germany are discussing the possibility of Huawei playing a role in building 5G networks in both countries.

Huawei has already been sanctioned in the US and intends to ban it from the 5G market in Europe and force its US suppliers to apply for licenses before selling the company.

At the same time, Huawei has intensified its activities in Chinese semiconductor companies and other technology companies. Under pressure from the US, Huawei has also boosted its supply chain.

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