Apple begins manufacturing iPhone 5G devices this month
Apple begins manufacturing iPhone 5G devices this month

According to Nikkei Asian Review, Apple overcame travel restrictions and other disruptions caused by the coronavirus and began production of iPhone 5G devices in mid-September, cutting production times to months instead of months. A few weeks later. ).

Production will start on a limited scale and mass production is expected to begin gradually between late September and early October.

Two sources familiar with the matter said: This schedule is still behind Apple's usual schedule of the past few years. This is the phone that went into mass production in August and came out in September, but compared to the situation a few months ago. There have been major improvements.

Given the lost time, Apple may not meet its manufacturing targets for this year, as the California tech giant has ordered up to 80 million components of iPhone 5G devices. But the source said the actual volume of production this year could be between two people with knowledge of the matter. There were 73.74 million and the rest of the time will be pushed back to early 2021.

The source said that Apple has significantly increased the demand for iPad devices manufactured at the same time to meet the demand for remote work and distance learning, which shows an optimistic view of the company. For stable demand for the rest of the year.

Production equipment (iPhone 5G) starts with at least one model, and the cheapest model with a 6.1-inch OLED screen and two rear cameras.

The source added that this model accounts for about 40% of Apple's production needs for iPhones supporting the fifth generation (5G) network. The most expensive model will be a 5G iPhone with a 6 fold camera. , 7 in.

Apple recently increased production of new iPads without increasing interruptions. From September to December, production orders for new iPads were about 27 million units, a person familiar with the matter said, roughly comparable to production in the second half of last year. Old and new iPad models.

A source familiar with the device said: Apple is also preparing a new accessory called (Airtag) that will allow users to track third-party devices, adding that the new device is already in production.

The first MacBooks that use Apple's internal design in place of an Intel processor are expected to be launched in the coming months. Bloomberg reports that updated versions of the Apple Watch and HomePod are up for sale. This year.

Apple plans to offer a total of four devices (iPhone 5G) with three different screen sizes (5.4 inches, 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches). All of these devices will use OLED screens.

It was previously reported that the US tech giant ordered components for nearly 100 million iPhones earlier this year, but lowered that target to around 80 million after the coronavirus outbreak.

In contrast to the manufacturing model, where the usual production model has grown from week to week over the past few years, the projected volume of production for the upcoming iPhone 5G remains unchanged every week, which helps suppliers avoid line cuts. Produce.

Apple component suppliers are currently preparing for the next generation iPhone production, although production dates differ for the four iPhone 5G models.

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