Apple is postponing privacy rules threatening Facebook and the mobile ad market
Apple is postponing privacy rules threatening Facebook and the mobile ad market

Apple announced on Thursday that it would postpone reviewing its privacy policy until early next year, which could reduce ad sales from Facebook and other companies targeting iPhone and iPad users.

Delay can benefit Facebook. Facebook said last week that changes to iOS 14 would make a mobile advertising tool "so ineffective in iOS 14 that it might not make any sense to introduce those tools."

Apple announced new data protection regulations in June that are expected to come into effect with the release of iOS 14 in the fall of 2020. One of the new requirements is that advertisers must use the tracking ID provided by Apple or other tools with this functionality. For similar jobs, they should now show a popup notification asking permission to continue.

Facebook announced last week that it would no longer use tools that require copyright claims in its own apps. Apple said today: Developers can still use Command Prompt when iOS 14 arrives.

Apple said in a statement, "Once activated, users can use system prompts to allow or deny this tracking app via the app." "We want to give the developers enough time to make the necessary changes. Use this option. The tracking permission requirements will come into effect early next year," she added.

Digital advertising companies leave space in the notification as to why they are requesting permission to continue, but they hope that most users withhold the permission. Apple said Thursday that it will not implement the claim until early next year.

Additional data protection functions in iOS 14, for example, new notifications show the functionality of recently arrived apps, for example: GPS location or the device's microphone to track things.

Instead, advertisers are preparing to use a new advertising system from Apple, which the company claims is more private. Because it does not contain detailed information about individual users. Advertisers said the system could generate less revenue.

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