Apple is reviewing its guidelines on the App Store to allow game streaming services
Apple is reviewing its guidelines on the App Store to allow game streaming services

Apple announced Friday that it had revised its App Store guidelines prior to the release of iOS 14. This is the latest version of the iPhone operating system for smartphones and is due for release later this month.

Apple employees use these guidelines to approve or reject apps and updates in the App Store. These rules have been scrutinized over the past few weeks by app makers who believe Apple controls software released on the iPhone and charges high commissions on app purchases.

In particular, Epic Games, the maker of the popular Fortnite game, has fought a fierce legal battle with Apple over several of its policies, including: The use of in-app purchases for digital products. Apple removed Fortnite from the App Store last month.

One of the major updates to the App Store Guidelines released last Friday concerns game streaming services. As Facebook and Microsoft have publicly stated in recent months, Apple's regulations limit the functionality of its apps. Play on iPhone and iPad. Due to these restrictions, Microsoft did not release xCloud for iOS, forcing Facebook to remove the game from the Facebook Gaming app.

The company now claims to explicitly allow the use of game streaming services such as Google (Stadia) and Microsoft (xCloud). However, there are certain conditions, for example, the game must be downloaded directly from the app store rather than the game broadcast app. App manufacturers are permitted to post. Application index indicating other games in the service, but each game must be a separate application.

According to Apple rules, each of these games requires a separate app store list if the game streaming service includes 100 games plus the company's developer relationship. When downloading, every game should also contain basic functions. All games and stores must use Apple's payment processing system to provide in-app purchase options, which typically generate 30% of sales.

These rules are believed to highlight the tension between Apple's control of its platform (for security reasons) and new gaming services (many believe this is the future of the industry). Toy). The game streaming service hopes to become a platform for game makers, such as: approving individual games and determining which games should be presented, but the company wants the broadcast service to act as a group of games, saying that we must look at each game separately.

It is worth noting that Apple does not have a cloud gaming service, but it sells subscription packages for iOS games under the name (Apple Arcade).

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