Apple Watch users are having problems with watchOS 7
Apple Watch users are having problems with watchOS 7

Apple Watch Series 3 users have complained about various issues after updating to watchOS 7, such as: B. Random restart.

The system was released to the public last week and is bringing new connectivity capabilities, sleep tracking support, and more to the third-generation Apple Watch models.

However, since installing watchOS 7, some Apple Watch Series 3 users have reported issues, including poor performance.

Since installing watchOS 7, Apple Watch Series 3 owners have published a number of posts in the Apple Support Forum expressing their frustration with the watch's performance.

One of the most common complaints appears to be the Apple Watch Series 3 restarting randomly multiple times a day.

One user said: Since the update, the watch has performed multiple restarts every day, requested a password and displayed blank stats on activity. He added, "Before or before (watchOS 6), this was never an issue and there must be an additional update from Apple to address this issue.

Many Apple Watch Series 3 users consider watchOS 7 to be the worst watchOS update Apple has ever released.

Two points make these complaints more important:

  • Downgrade to watchOS 7 update not possible. This means that owners of Apple Watch Series 3 cannot downgrade to watchOS 6. Apple released watchOS version 7.0.1 as an update to address the bug, and users reported that this did not solve their problems.
  • Although old watches are trying to keep up with the new features of the current system, Apple is still selling (Apple Watch Series 3) as part of its product line (Apple Watch), which may affect future programs such as time (watchOS 8) The availability of updates has an impact. Apple Watch Series 3).

The severity of these issues is not yet clear, and given the high number of complaints, it's possible that the problem has spread to Apple.

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