Benefits of Google Maps and the newly launched Waze app
Benefits of Google Maps and the newly launched Waze app

Google doesn't have a popular navigation app, but it does have two that are constantly updated - Google Maps and Waze, with some of these updates making major changes to the app while others have a limited focus.

Both apps have received several new features this year, including new features designed to help users during the ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic, and the company's major overhaul of Google Maps over the past few years. Month. The design as the app added two new features to Google Maps and Waze has a great looking feature that can make travel more exciting.

A report a few weeks ago mentioned that Google was testing features that are already supported in Apple Maps, as some users found support for the built-in traffic lights in the application, as this feature can be very useful for navigating in new areas, and according to reports, this feature is now widely used ( A Google spokesperson said adding this feature will help people stay better informed.

New traffic light icons are currently appearing on intersection maps in the United States. The company also said: This feature has been in use in Japan for many years and as expected, traffic lights are shown on Android and iOS. Application version.

"We are excited to work with Passport to help Austin drivers pay their parking fees quickly and easily through the Maps app. Help us take advantage of this functionality," said Vishal Dutta, Google Maps Product Manager.

The supporting documents explain how this feature works and what needs to be done to pay for parking via the app. Waze announced a similar partnership for parking and gas station in the past few weeks.

In addition, Google has introduced a new parking fee function for Google Maps. However, this feature is not widely used because it is valid in Austin, Texas and drivers can pay for parking directly through the app.

Regarding the Waze app, Google partner announced earlier this week that drivers can choose any character in the app for voice guidance and can choose between English, Spanish and Portuguese.

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