Bose is ready for the AirPods Pro challenge
Bose is ready for the AirPods Pro challenge

Bose hasn't released wireless headphones since the SoundSport Free in 2017, but it seems the audio companies are making up for the lost time.

The acoustics company announced last year that it is preparing to release new noise canceling headphones 500 and 700, which are still listed on the site.

A new video indicates that at least one of these could be launched soon.

Bose appears to have rethought its branding options and returned to the iconic QuietComfort lineup, now called the 700 Bose QuietComfort headphones.

According to the company, QuietComfort headphones provide the world's most effective noise cancellation feature, delivering crystal clear sound with deep bass in advanced audio innovations.

No company has a close affiliation with Bose's noise canceling technology. The QuietComfort earphones are equipped with StayHear Max company advice and are sweat and water resistant.

The video shows that you can count on up to 6 hours of battery life, and QuietComfort headphones can make clear calls thanks to a specially designed microphone.

Acoustic 700 noise canceling headphones have made great strides in sound quality.

This video contains several earplugs (QuietComfort) and shows color options: black, white and silver, but does not indicate price or available time.

According to CNET, there appears to be 500 noise canceling earbuds that have been renamed as Bose Sports Earbuds.

(Bose) has partnered with (Amazon) to develop (Echo Buds) with effective (Bose) noise reduction technology. However, this audio company has always assured that it has the best noise cancellation feature for its own products.

Last year, a company spokesperson said: The 700's noise canceling headphones will use the company's active noise cancellation feature and will work better than Echo Buds.

Apple and headphones (AirPods Pro), along with other competitors (Sony Headphones (WF1000XM3)), are Bose's biggest competitors.

If audio companies want to rebuild their leadership position in the industry, they must rely heavily on QuietComfort.

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