Can Google take over your phone with the new iOS 14?
Can Google take over your phone with the new iOS 14?

After three months of beta testing, iOS 14 was released to all iPhone users. You can enjoy all the benefits that Apple added when you upgrade to iOS 14 this year. There are also several obvious changes in iOS 14. These changes make Google believe that it can control the iPhone's home screen.

The iPhone is still the premium product from Google. This makes Apple the default search engine in Safari. Apple paid for it, but due to the new features in iOS 14, it works more powerfully than Google as it all includes taking screenshots at home. This is a practice we've seen before. From another technical giant.

After many losses, Microsoft realized that the phone does not need to provide a basic operating system to control the main screen, as it has created applications and experiences for Microsoft mobile devices and has not only reached the level of sales of high-end smartphones in stores, but also commercial stores. Android branded devices (Surface).

However, all you want for Google is to take advantage of the ads shown on the iPhone. To do this, you need to ensure that the search engine is dominant on the iPhone.

In addition to searching, products like Chrome and Gmail can also help Google attract more customers and make more money in the end. The two main functions of iOS 14 support Google here. The first function: support for new widgets and the second function: the ability to set the default browser and messages.

With the new tool, you might have installed the Google app on your iPhone and it is now much more user-friendly. You can search directly from the lock screen or home screen using Google tools. Honestly, that's a great solution.

Google will certainly continue to pay a heavy price to Apple as it is Safari's default search engine, but Google tools can help achieve their goals.

Google calls it a "Quick Search" tool, and it supports normal written searches, language searches, and object searches.

Setting Chrome as the default browser can help you and Google, too. If you set Chrome as the default browser when opening links to other apps, it will also open in Chrome. If you set Gmail as the default email app, you can always click on the web. The Gmail app will open to the email icon.

Google isn't saying it prefers to use the internet with a gateway it can control (like Chrome) rather than using Safari. We already know that Apple OS and Safari can be a nightmare for advertising companies like Google.

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