Epic Games is urging the court to halt Apple's retaliation
Epic Games is urging the court to halt Apple's retaliation

Epic Games said: It has asked the court to stop Apple's retaliation against Fortnite game developers.

This happened after the iPhone manufacturer terminated the Fortnite developer account on the App Store.

Fortnite, the company that developed the game, filed an injunction, brought its game back to the App Store, and restored its developer account. The lawsuit was filed with the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California.

The company is the developer of the game "Fortnite". In the absence of a preliminary court order, there is a risk of irreparable losses and the balance of damage shifted towards (Epic Games). .

The document describes the iPhone maker as a monopoly and hopes to preserve its monopoly by explicitly banning any participation in the competition.

Later last week, Apple terminated a Fortnite developer account in its app store after a lawsuit against the iPhone maker’s embedded money orders and allegations that the instructions were a monopoly.

Apple said last week that its decision would not affect the (unrealistic) engine of (Epic Games), the software tool that hundreds of other app makers rely on.

However, this step means that iPhone users will not be able to download Fortnite or any other Epic Games through the App Store.

(Epic Games) said in a statement: This is a clear warning to all other developers who dare to challenge Apple's monopoly and must abide by Apple's rules. Otherwise, you will have to avoid contacting a billion iOS users to disrupt your work.

A well-known game developer has introduced a feature that allows iPhone users to shop directly through the app instead of using Apple's in-app purchase system to charge a 30% commission. So Apple banned the company's account.

Apple said that if Epic Games removed the direct payment feature, Fortnite could return to the store.

However, the company (game developer Fortnite) rejected this, saying: To meet Apple's requirements, one must partner with Apple to maintain a monopoly on in-app (iOS) payments.

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