Facebook launched Campus a social network for students
Facebook launched Campus a social network for students

Facebook on Thursday launched Facebook Campus, which is a student-only social network that can help them connect with them.

The company has the largest social network in the world with approximately 2.5 billion users. The company said in its blog, “Today we are launching Facebook Campus, which is a place where universities can help students and their peers chat. Shared interests.” She added, “Facebook Campus makes it easy to find and initiate conversations within the college community. ''

Facebook said that some students are facing new challenges because some universities are partially or entirely moving to distance learning. Therefore, finding a way to stay in touch with college life is more important than ever.

Facebook believes college is a great time to meet new friends, make like-minded people, and discover new social opportunities including: clubs, study groups, sports, etc.

The company indicated that its social network was initially just an academic network and that it can now be traced all the way to the origin of the Facebook campus to help students build and maintain that relationship even when they leave university.

Regarding how the network works, Facebook stated that the Facebook campus is part of the main Facebook app designed specifically for students, and that its university profile differs from its main Facebook profile.

To create an academic profile, all students must have an academic email address and year of graduation. Other information (for example, specialty, category, and city) is optional. After creating a university profile, students can explore groups and activities of the university and network with like-minded students. When you share content on Facebook, only students can see it.

Facebook's new social network has introduced a "campus chat" feature that provides students with a chat room in real time. Students can create chat rooms for their dorms, clubs, or other groups.

According to reports, Facebook's new campus network is only available at many universities in the United States, and there is currently no information on when it will be published in other countries.

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