Facebook puts an end to forwarded messages in Messenger
Facebook puts an end to forwarded messages in Messenger

Facebook announced, Thursday, that it will limit the instant messaging service (Messenger) to the number of people who can send messages to a maximum of 5 people, such as WhatsApp.

The social media giant said in a blog post: "As part of our ongoing efforts to provide people with a safer and more private messaging experience, we will stop forwarding messages today so that we cannot forward messages only five or one person at a time. A group."

Facebook added: "Reducing redirects is an effective way to slow the spread of false information and harmful content that can spread quickly and cause real harm to the world."

The company said: It believes that with the spread of the global coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic and upcoming elections in the United States, New Zealand and other countries controlling the epidemic, it is extremely important to control the spread of false information.

Facebook wants Messenger to be a safe and reliable platform for communicating with friends and family. The following features were introduced earlier this year: security notifications, two-factor authentication, and an easy way to prevent and report spam. This new feature provides another layer of protection by limiting the spread of misinformation.

In 2018, WhatsApp tried to limit the number of forwarded emails and began classifying forwarded emails for the first time. Two arrows were added to indicate that emails are moved frequently, and last year the service limited the number of forwarded emails. The number of people. Give them the fifth place.

In April of last year, the service announced strict new restrictions on email forwarding. The goal is to slow the spread of fake messages so that under the new restrictions, if users receive repeated messages (more than five times), they can only be sent to one online conversation at that time.

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