Germany moves to tighten controls on Huawei
Germany moves to tighten controls on Huawei

The federal government plans to tighten control over network operators, which will make it difficult for Huawei to gain a foothold in major European markets.

Some sources claim that in addition to the sensitive core, an agreement was reached in principle to expand vendor management and technology review for the Wireless Access Network (RAN), which operates Level 5 services. Generation (5G).

However, as the Ministry of Economic Affairs said, not all government departments participated: negotiations on the proposed regulatory system are ongoing and not yet completed.

Handelsblatt newspaper reported earlier that Prime Minister Angela Merkel's coalition (Angela Merkel) agreed to deal with the so-called "high risk supply" in the European Union after two years of controversy. The quotient formula ".

Under pressure from the United States, European governments are reviewing Huawei's role in network building. Because Chinese companies and citizens are obligated by law to assist the country in gathering intelligence information.

A senior US official said Huawei's restrictions were the right approach and urged Berlin to support its NATO allies by removing Chinese technology from the 5G network.

"We see things are going in the right direction in Germany and Huawei does not have a real future," said Keith Crackey, Deputy Secretary of State for Economic Affairs.

Huawei denies there are security risks and says it cannot comment on measures that are still in the works, but stresses 30 years of experience providing a secure network and transparent cooperation. With the German authorities.

German officials said: Britain has officially banned Huawei and unofficially expelled it from France, while Germany intends to suffocate it with traditional details, which means that the minimum is the same.

Some sources said: The provider’s supervision includes initial and continuous assessments by the German Cyber ​​Security Watch and Secret Service.

The source added: The compromise solution has not been formulated yet in the form of a legal text, and we hope that the Council of Ministers will adopt it by October or November at the latest.

Huawei's global market share for network devices is 28%, followed by Nokia (15%) from Finland and Ericsson (14%) from Sweden.

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