Google clones Apple by clamping down on developers
Google clones Apple by clamping down on developers

Google appears determined to replicate Apple's behavior as closely as possible as the search giant plans to pressure developers. Grant in-app purchases for businesses from the App Store (Google Play).

According to the latest report from Bloomberg, the company plans to release updated guidance for Android app developers early next week.

Under these revised guidelines, most apps will need to use Google's billing service for in-app content downloads, game upgrades, and subscriptions.

Like Apple's unfair guidelines for iOS, the system offers Google a 30% share of in-app purchases for Android.

Although this requirement has been around for many years, some major developers, including Netflix, Spotify and Epic Games, have circumvented this rule and bypassed Google.

Netflix and Spotify apps require consumers to use a credit card instead of a Google Play app store account to bypass the search giant's fees.

After implementing the updated instructions from Google, the major developers who are not currently following the instructions will have time to update their apps. So it is unlikely to be deleted right away.

A Google spokesperson said in a statement: Android - as an open platform - allows for multiple app stores, and most Android devices have at least two stores. Users can install additional app stores. Applications.

He added, "For developers who want to sell their applications through (Google Play), our policy requires them to continue to use Google's billing system when offering in-app purchases for digital products. We are still working on that." With partners. Clarify these guidelines together and ensure that they are applied fairly and appropriately. "

App Store fees generate billions of dollars in revenue for both Google and Apple each year, and some developers view them as unfair and unreasonable taxes.

The Apple App Store has the same requirements (Google Play) as in-app purchases and payments. Both companies are exempt from purchasing physical goods.

Apple is more powerful than Google on Netflix and Spotify. In order not to pay Apple, Netflix and Spotify fees, users should create an account on the service's website and then log into the app on the device. an Apple.

Unlike the search giant, Apple does not allow developers to direct users to sign up for third-party sites.

Spotify and several other developers formed an alliance earlier this week to promote fairer guidelines for app stores.

After constant criticism from developers and lawmakers, Apple has recently relaxed some app store policies, and Google plans to make more changes to Google Play Store rules soon.

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