Google has discontinued the Pixelbook
Google has discontinued the Pixelbook

Google's Pixelbook isn't available in stores three years after its launch, as the search giant announced it to be its first laptop in October 2017 and has since followed (Pixel Slate) and (Pixelbook Go).

The Google store in the US listed all three configurations and revised models as unavailable, while the store in the UK stated that it was no longer available, while the store in Canada only offered the latest model. Above, these are the only three devices that Google provides. Countries. Chromebook.

Confirming that the Pixelbook is no longer available, Google said: We are proud of the success of (Pixelbook) and Pixelbook will continue to receive the latest version of the OS as per the instructions for automatic update.

The company referred potential buyers to the device (Pixelbook Go), indicating that it has similar high-performance products in familiar form starting at $ 649.

Google refused to explicitly say: It (Pixelbook) has been discontinued but should not be returned to the original computer.

The Pixelbook Go isn't a two-in-one device, it doesn't have a stylus, but it's inexpensive.

(Chrome OS) can be traced back to the device (Chromebook Pixel) after 2013, while (Pixelbook) retains 3: 2 display effect which is very good for surfing the internet and allows you to see more pages.

Most parts of the device are made of metal (aluminum) and are compatible with the Pixel phone design language by highlighting the Gorilla Glass and displaying the "G" logo in the upper left corner.

(Pixelbook) is a kind of device (2 in 1), so it can be used as a tablet device. The operating system has been improved, it supports styluses, and there are enough thick black borders around the touchscreen.

Other hardware aspects are two USB-C ports and functions that can be used to make a rough estimate of battery life.

In terms of specifications, it uses a 7th generation Intel Core processor. The device's Intel Core i5 processor starts at $ 999 and has 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage (SSD).

For an additional $ 200, you get double the storage space. The best version offers an Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, and 512GB NVMe storage at $ 1,649.

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