Google launches Android 11 Go version with major improvements
Google launches Android 11 Go version with major improvements

After the official announcement of Android 11 earlier this week, Google announced Android 11 GB, which is a lightweight version of the latest version of Google's operating system for devices with less storage space.

The latest update builds on the features that were introduced in Android 10GB last year and introduces two new features to improve the speed, reliability, and security of Android devices.

Google claims that the Android 11GB version is 20% faster than the Android 10GB version.

The company was able to do this by pulling the app data first. This change made it easy for users to switch between applications without blocking the device.

It's very similar to the full version of Android 11, and Android 11GB has a "Conversation" section below the notification. All messaging apps in this section offer chats for site users to view. Answer and manage conversations.

For the best privacy and security, Android 11GB devices can enjoy industry-leading data protection like any other Android device.

The new version also includes new privacy enhancements that make it easier for users to control how data is shared on their devices.

Improvements include one-time permissions (granting the app access to a specific sensor in one situation) and an auto-reset feature that resets permissions if the app has not been used for a long time.

As devices with larger screens become more popular, the lighter version of Android also supports gesture-based navigation.

Hence, users can access the home screen, return and switch between applications with simple gestures.

Google added: The new version will be available on all devices with a capacity of 2 GB RAM, starting next month. Previously, it was limited to devices with 1.5 GB of RAM or less.

These devices can accommodate up to 2 GB and make use of an additional 270 MB of usable memory, allowing users to run three or four other applications in the background.

The Android Go edition for 2GB devices also provides 900MB of additional storage for 300 photos or full movies.

Google said: Starting next month, the 11GB Android version can support any Android device with 2GB RAM.

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