Google wants to separate Chrome from Chrome OS
Google wants to separate Chrome from Chrome OS

Google wants to separate the Chrome browser from the operating system (Chrome OS), and the search giant is now looking for the operating system (Chrome OS) to redefine apps and systems.

If so, The fork may improve Google Chromebook's support policy.

The support policy currently provides several years of support from the date the product was manufactured (not the date of purchase). Chromebooks will no longer receive security updates.

And (Chromebook) lets you know that it won't update anymore, leaving your device vulnerable to safe use and losing new Chrome features. You are trying to extend the life of your Chromebook. .

It may seem counterintuitive, but this step is similar to what Google did with (Project Treble) on Android. In Android, many operating system components are separated and implemented in the (Play Store) app. Once configured, it can be updated in random tables.

This improves the security and reliability of all Android users while extending the life of older devices.

With a beautiful Lacrosse project, modernization problems can soon become a thing of the past.

Google wants to separate Chrome from Chrome OS via Lacros. Although the effort is technically successful, it's similar to running Chrome on a global lightweight Linux distribution, but with Android app support.

Separating Chrome and Chrome OS allows Google to continue releasing Chrome updates for unsupported Chromebooks.

Since this is the source of security updates, you can continue to use your Chromebook after support ends.

Project Treble is one of the many ways to prevent the alleged Android fragmentation issue from becoming confusing.

With Google now updating a lot of Android features through its store, it doesn't matter what the device manufacturer or carrier does or not, they won't provide an operating system or updates. Safety Day.

The Lacros project could have a huge positive impact on education as schools have purchased large numbers of old Chromebooks for students, especially during a global pandemic, as many classrooms have become virtual programs.

Thanks to Lacros, school Chromebooks that are no longer supported can continue to receive updates from Chrome so students can continue to use the web platform.

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