How does Facebook promote business development online?
How does Facebook promote business development online?

With the new version of Facebook, the company will soon be able to manage Facebook and Instagram accounts from one platform.

Facebook Business Suite is designed to help small and medium-sized businesses adapt to new business approaches during the global shutdown by providing them with a single interface in which their personal information and pages can be shared on both Facebook and Instagram - the platform can be managed.

Businesses using the service, which run on mobile and desktop devices, can post to Facebook and Instagram simultaneously, view all notifications and alerts in one place, and monitor analytics and information posted on both platforms. .

The company can also manage and receive messages through the company's messaging platform via WhatsApp and Messenger so that customers can be contacted directly.

Facebook Business Suite is now available for small businesses around the world. The service will roll out to larger companies next year. Clients can now download apps (iOS) or Android to use the desktop client that will auto forward. Your facebook.

Facebook's Operations Director said: “With fewer customers entering stores and restaurants during the pandemic, small businesses need to find new ways to sell online and reach their customers. Free Facebook tools and personalized ads are what many small businesses do. An essential part of the transition process First, we'll create Facebook Business Suite for Small Businesses, however, making it the primary interface for businesses of all sizes with Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp is a long-term investment.

Facebook has also conducted the latest research on the impact of the shutdown on small, global businesses. The recent Global Small Business Report with the World Bank and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) found that 25% of online sales from small businesses were higher compared to the same period.

The company launched the Facebook Shop, which enables online shoppers to find new business and view products through its app. At the same time, Instagram will open new offers (checkout) and (direct shopping) to US sellers.

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