Huawei could launch the first HarmonyOS phone in early 2021
Huawei could launch the first HarmonyOS phone in early 2021

Chinese company Huawei had hoped in November that its mobile operating system, HarmonyOS, would work on smartphones in the next six to nine months, but it hasn't.

According to a new report, the company now intends to present the second version of the system at the Huawei Developer Conference on September 10, where the system was launched last year. According to this report, the first HarmonyOS mobile phone will be launched early next year.

The report indicates that there are already smartphones with the aforementioned operating systems and that many new devices are expected to hit the market during the next year, including computers, tablets, smart wearables and more. Other IoT products. HarmonyOS 'first smartwatch is expected to be launched before the end of this year.

Additionally, the US Commerce Department has placed the company on a commercial blacklist that prohibits it from doing business with US companies unless it obtains government permission. This means that Huawei cannot work with Google. Google has the Android platform that runs most of the world's smartphones, and Google's loss of the ability to use Android features puts Huawei phones at a disadvantage in markets outside of China.

Huawei is preparing the HarmonyOS operating system, which the company launched in August 2019, and plans to make it more than just a smartphone operating system to replace Android.

The company previously described its OS as a platform that supports multiple devices, including smart watches, IoT devices, televisions, and more.

Last year, a company employee said: HarmonyOS is not an Android replacement, but a next-generation Android replacement.

The Chinese company previously stated that developing a true Android alternative could take years, as the official said in August 2019: The company has no plans to develop a smartphone that runs on the system. HarmonyOS operating system. Cell phones, adding that this could change if the ban continues.

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