Huawei is open about the Qualcomm chipset
Huawei is open about the Qualcomm chipset

It seems that the Chinese company Huawei is open to the issue of using Qualcomm chips in its smartphones.

Guo Ping, the rotating president of the Chinese company Huawei, announced that Chinese brands will be ready to use Qualcomm chips in their smartphones if the US company is approved.

Ping said: We hope the US government can rethink its policies. Whenever the US government permits, we are always ready to buy products from US companies.

"Qualcomm has always been a very important partner to Huawei, and over the past decade, Huawei has purchased Qualcomm chips," he added.

As a result of US sanctions against Huawei, Huawei's smartphone business has suffered a number of blows that have severely affected the chipmaking industry.

The change in events means, at least temporarily, that the upcoming Mate 40 series will be Huawei's latest flagship to run on Kirin core processors.

Under US law, Qualcomm is not permitted to work with Huawei. However, the US companies have requested permission to restore relations with Chinese companies.

There is no doubt that Huawei is open to the issue of using Qualcomm chips as competitors. MediaTek has been banned from delivering products to the Chinese company due to recent sanctions, despite already applying for a license.

Besides Huawei's HiSilicon division, this also means that this Chinese company has the most options.

While Qualcomm obtains the necessary licenses and provides chips to Huawei, this does not mean that this is the first time that Qualcomm chips have appeared on Huawei mobile phones.

Huawei has already shipped Snapdragon mobile processors. Some of the most popular Huawei devices include Qualcomm processors, such as the original Nova 2019 series, Nexus 6P series, and Y7 series.

If Qualcomm gets approval from the US and MediaTek does not get approval in time, Huawei will likely be using Qualcomm chips in its flagship phones.

The move to Qualcomm's flagship processor could also be considered a decision by Huawei to satisfy the US government, which could open the door to reducing restrictions.

When asked about the open use of Qualcomm chips in flagship phones, Huawei said: As mentioned earlier, we are ready to partner with US companies such as Qualcomm.

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