IPhone users in the US are rushing to install WeChat before the ban
IPhone users in the US are rushing to install WeChat before the ban

IPhone users in the US were keen to install an instant messaging app (WeChat) before it took effect. This prevented them from downloading the TikTok short video sharing app and app. .

According to mobile analytics company SensorTower, WeChat downloads rose to the 100 most-downloaded apps in the US on Friday. The application usually ranges between 1000 and 1500 this year.

A SensorTower spokesperson said in an email to Bloomberg News: Friday is the first time the app has made it to our list of the 500 best apps in 2020.

Last Friday, the US government announced, for reasons of national security, a ban on WeChat, which is run by the Chinese company Tencent, and the Chinese app TikTok, ByteDance. The ban goes into effect on Sunday and prevents US consumers from downloading apps or installing updates.

WeChat will also be banned on Sunday with a ban preventing US companies from using it in online transactions and traffic. This means that those who continue to use the app are at risk of drops in speed and crashes. Because the third-party technical services you work with have stopped working.

"In all respects, WeChat is being closed in the United States," Commerce Secretary Wilbur Rose said in an interview with Fox Business.

SensorTower said: Apple (TikTok) ranked fourth in the Apple App Store last Friday. During 2020, he did not withdraw from the top 15.

It should be noted that ByteDance Company is currently negotiating to transfer control of its operations and data in the United States to Oracle in an attempt to solve the problem of preventing data drop by Americans who use the application. In the Chinese government. interest.

TikTok can do business with US companies until November 12th. This means that the app is very popular among young Americans and will remain usable by users even after the presidential election on November 3.

Chinese officials have to accept the final TikTok deal, describing the US actions against the two apps as "economic intimidation."

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