Is Google Chrome more secure than ever?
Is Google Chrome more secure than ever?

Google announced that it is expanding the benefits of its advanced protection program to allow users to submit dangerous files to the company for review. Scan for malware and other threats.

Google first launched its Advanced Protection Program (APP) three years ago to protect the accounts of journalists, political organizations, activists, and other users and increase the likelihood of them being targeted by cyber attacks.

APP users are well protected from phishing attacks, which is why cyber criminals are now trying to trick them into downloading malicious files. .

According to a blog, Google is expanding its plans by allowing users to send dangerous files. Google's suite of malware detection technologies for safe browsing scans files before opening them. While this helps protect users better, it also expects that cloud-hosted scans will significantly improve the ability to detect malicious files.

When a Google Advanced Protection program user downloads a file, Safe Browsing first performs a quick scan with the metadata (including the file hash value) to see if the matter is suspicious or not.

When a user sends the file to Google, Chrome browser downloads it (Google Safe Browsing) and uses static and dynamic analysis techniques for real-time analysis.

If, after a short wait, the safe browser decides that the file is not safe, Chrome will notify the user. If the user is sure the file is safe, they can still bypass this warning and open the file without checking the file. For more safety, browse it safely. All downloaded files in the file will be deleted. Soon after the inspection.

For people who want more security for their online accounts, it only takes a few minutes to sign up for Google Safe Browsing for free.

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