Italy is investigating Apple Google and Dropbox over storage services
Italy is investigating Apple Google and Dropbox over storage services

Italy's competition authority said on Monday it will investigate cloud storage services run by Apple, Dropbox and Google after hearing numerous complaints about so-called unfair business practices.

The Competition and Market Authority stated the following: It has conducted six comprehensive surveys for cloud storage services: (Google Drive) Google Drive, Apple (iCloud) and (DropBox) DropBox.

According to a statement issued by the agency, it is investigating whether the three companies have correctly stated how their services collect and use consumer data for commercial purposes. It also attempted to determine whether Dropbox did not provide clear and understandable instructions on how consumers could terminate their contracts with the service or attempt to resolve disputes out of court.

Immediately after the European Union investigation, the European Union urged tech companies to clarify their terms and conditions and offer consumers better privacy protections. Last year, Facebook agreed to change its terms and conditions under pressure from European Union officials.

Last July, Italian officials raided local Apple and Amazon offices as part of a separate competition investigation. The purpose of this investigation is to determine whether Apple and Amazon are involved in an anti-competitive collaboration to sell Apple and Beats products.

In June, the European Commission launched two antitrust investigations into the Apple App Store and Apple Pay mobile payment systems as the European Community works to broaden its focus as an internet platform on which thousands of people depend. Companies.

The European Commission said at the time: The first investigation is related to Apple's violation of competition rules in the European Union through the App Store Directive, which requires application developers to use their purchase system to sell products to customers and prevent them from telling users about cheap products. To report elsewhere. Base.

After the organizers received unofficial information, the investigation also included all competing Apple apps in Europe, and possibly iCloud apps and games.

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