Lucid Air ... a luxury electric car to rival Tesla
Lucid Air ... a luxury electric car to rival Tesla

Compared to the Tesla Model S, Lucid's electric vehicle launches began promoting the all-electric Lucid Air sedan, which is one of the most efficient, fastest, and roomiest cars. Tesla Model S is supposed to help Lucid CEO Peter Rawlinson with the car. In development.

Rawlinson said: “We found that electric cars made a breakthrough not only because of the battery, but also because people are thinking about the added bigger picture.

Rawlinson was the chief engineer and vice president of engineering for the Tesla Model S from 2009 to 2012. He claimed that the energy efficiency of the advanced version of Lucid Air was 17% higher than that of the Tesla model, and thus is larger and larger in a certain range. Few cells.

Lucid Air is similar to the prototypes and concept cars that Lucid launched in 2016.

The company has since made minor changes to the exterior, including a large, law-compliant rearview mirror and a curved interior screen.

It is estimated that the car can reach the EPA's range of 517 miles on a single charge and easily exceed the Tesla Model S's range of 402 miles.

Thanks to its 900-volt chassis, Lucid said, the car can travel 300 miles after 20 minutes of charging, and according to the company, the maximum charge rate is 2 miles per minute.

The car price ranges from $ 80,000 for the basic version to $ 169,000 for the limited edition "Dream Edition".

The company plans to sell the 517-mile Grand Touring Edition for $ 139,000 and the 406-mile Touring Edition for $ 95,000.

The performance and endurance of the car varies depending on the price, and the power of the premium version can reach 1,080 hp. The company plans to produce black, white and gold cars.

The most expensive car is expected to go on sale in the second quarter of next year, followed by the cheaper version in the fourth quarter until 2022.

Lucid said: In each version of the car, the main difference between the other versions is reflected in the interior design, and the car additionally features a driver information display that floats behind the steering wheel and a touch screen in the center of the dashboard.

Unlike Tesla, Lucid does not currently build or manage electric vehicle charging infrastructure, but it does work with Electrify America.

The company said: The first customer to purchase (Lucid Air) gets 3 years of free shipping from Electrify America.

Production is expected to start at the end of this year, and production of the car is expected to start early next year, but it was postponed due to the Corona virus epidemic.

Lucid is one of several EV startups trying to compete with Tesla.

Lucid was founded in 2007 as Atieva, the current name for the technical division that supplies batteries for Formula E race cars.

The company initially focused on battery technology, then changed its name and became an electric vehicle manufacturer in 2016.

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