Microsoft: The US presidential campaigns are being targeted
Microsoft: The US presidential campaigns are being targeted

A new security report from Microsoft shows that hackers from Russia, China and Iran are targeting individuals and organizations participating in the US presidential campaigns of Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

The software giant said: Most of the attacks against the US presidential campaign have failed, but the company is cooperating with hacked targets.

It should be noted that Microsoft said that the Russian hacking organization (Fancy Bear) or (Strontium) or (APT28) successfully targeted Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign and is now back to believe that it will do so soon. Reach. The upcoming 2020 general election is looking for new targets in the US presidential campaign. .

President Trump downplayed the relationship between Russia and Clinton's hacking activities during the 2016 campaign. Recent reports show that Trump has cracked down on US intelligence reports indicating Russia's threat to elections. American.

Microsoft said: (Strontium) has targeted more than 200 organizations, including political advisors and research centers working for the Republican and Democratic parties, such as the German Marshall Foundation in the United States.

According to Reuters, the hacking group also targeted a strategic and communications company called (SKDKnickerbocker) that worked with Biden and other well-known Democrats.

The Biden campaign confirmed to Reuters that an attempt by a foreign agent to gain access to the inactive email accounts of those associated with the campaign was unsuccessful. Reuters said: Microsoft has issued an attack warning against Biden's campaign.

Microsoft said that in addition to the Russian attacks: Chinese hackers also targeted celebrities associated with the US presidential elections, including those running for president with (Joe Biden), while Iranian hackers continued to attack and (Donald). Trump) Personal reports from people participating in the campaign.

Microsoft said: This Chinese organization called (Zirconium) or (APT31) has successfully achieved nearly 150 goals.

The Iranian organization Phosphorous, or APT35, appears to have failed. Microsoft said it tried to log into the accounts of government officials and workers in President Donald Trump's campaign, but was unsuccessful.

Microsoft wrote in a blog post: The activities we announced today show that armed foreign organizations have stepped up their efforts in the US presidential campaign for the 2020 elections as planned. What we've seen is the same attack technique as you have to negotiate the major issues.

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