Because of the data transfer ... Facebook is taking legal action
Because of the data transfer ... Facebook is taking legal action

Bloomberg reported that Facebook has taken legal action against the Irish Data Protection Committee (IDPC) to block a proposed regulation that could prevent the company from transferring data from the European Union to the United States. united.

"The lack of safe and legal international data transmission will have disastrous consequences for the European economy," Facebook said in a statement. "We urge regulators to take a practical and proportionate approach to finding long-term sustainable solutions."

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Irish Data Protection Committee (IDPC) sent Facebook an initial order last month asking the company to stop transferring user data from the European Union to the United States. .

The order marks the first attempt by European Union regulators in July to impose an unexpected ruling from the European Court of Justice to remove privacy, and a data-sharing agreement allows US companies to transfer personal data across the European Union to US citizens for processing.

The European Court of Justice ruled in July that the "Privacy Shield" did not protect European Union citizens from the massive surveillance program of US intelligence agencies.

However, the court upheld the transfer of the data in accordance with the Standard Contractual Clause (CCS).

According to Facebook, the IDPC command means that according to an article of 9 September, the Standard Contractual Clause Agreement (SCC) cannot be used to transfer data between the European Union and the United States.

Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs) are widely used for international data transmission, not only by large technology companies (such as Facebook and Microsoft) but also by banks, airlines, and other companies.

Facebook said: The IDPC decision will have profound implications for companies that rely on Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs).

The original order from the Irish Data Protection Committee (IDPC) was to ensure that EU citizens' data is not stored or processed on US soil as it may be subject to US surveillance programs.

However, Facebook made clear that the move could have unintended consequences and pose practical problems for its EU operations.

Facebook is requesting judicial review of the Irish Data Protection Committee (IDPC) decision. Because it appears that the supervisory authority published its findings prior to the expected supervisory direction of the European Data Protection Committee.

Failure to fulfill Ireland's original request could result in a fine of up to 4% of Facebook's annual revenue, or about $ 2.8 billion.

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