Polestar Precept .. an electric car with Android system
Polestar Precept .. an electric car with Android system

Chinese electric car manufacturer Polestar has announced the start of production of its Polestar Precept sedan.

In February of this year, the company introduced the concept of this car, which has a modern design and the use of durable materials inside.

As with most concepts, it is unclear if this vehicle is real.

Polestar was originally a performance sub-brand of Volvo and is now one of the most attractive electric vehicle companies in China in the market.

The company is jointly owned by Volvo and its parent company, Geely, and is currently offering the Polestar 2, an Android Automotive-powered electric vehicle, to customers in Europe and North America.

(Android Automotive) is a version of the Android operating system provided by Google. This is a product specially designed for automobile dashboards. It was launched in March 2017 and was jointly developed by Google and Intel, as well as automakers such as Volvo and Audi.

Polestar's commitment to sustainability is also encouraging: When the company first spoke about the Polestar Precept, they made it clear that it is environmentally friendly.

The car's interior trim is made from linen-based composite materials, the seats are made from 3D recycled polyethylene terephthalate bottles, the pillars and headrests are made from recycled cork vinyl, and the mats are made from recycled material from fishing nets.

Polestar CEO Thomas Enginlate said in a statement: “Consumers want to see change in this industry, not just dreams.

He added, "We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of cars and companies. I know this is a long-term goal, but the goal must be carbon neutral."

Polestar promotes the need for deeper integration with Android Automotive so that the vehicle can recognize the driver when driving away and automatically configure their favorite apps and settings.

Google Assistant can learn more languages, including local dialects, and have more natural conversations.

Polestar also believes that streaming video while parking or charging has become a more important part of the vehicle experience.

There is no information on when the Polestar Precept will go into production and the company has refused to release relevant specifications such as price, battery size, range and engine configuration.

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