Project xCloud video game service launched
Project xCloud video game service launched

Microsoft Project xCloud game streaming service is now available for Android phones and tablets.

The service directly competes with Google (Stadia) launched last year, which allows users to play PC games on Android phones, Chromecast Ultra devices, and the Chrome web browser on most computers.

Project xCloud can be considered a Netflix gaming service because Microsoft's game streaming service allows you to play high-quality games that typically require a powerful Xbox platform, regardless of whether the internet connection is fast enough (10 Mbps or better) without having to purchase (x Books.

In contrast, the speed Netflix needs to play HD video is half the speed of 5 Mbps.

The service can help draw players into the Microsoft ecosystem as they don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on Xbox.

Microsoft's $ 14.99 per month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate service also includes streaming over 150 games.

Most games also require that the Xbox console be paired with your phone via Bluetooth, although some games (such as Microsoft (Minecraft Dungeons) also support touch screen controls).

Although Google Stadia is free, you have to pay the full price of the game, which ranges from $ 14.99 to $ 60 or more.

If the Internet connection of Premium Stadia subscribers is fast enough, they can access more free games and 4K games every month.

Microsoft and Netflix are more similar to Netflix than Google in that they have a whole bunch of games that you don't have to pay for separately and you can access them as long as you pay a fee. Per month.

It should be noted that gamers using iPhones and iPads will not be able to use Microsoft's new services on these devices like Apple's developer lists until game streaming services have been banned recently.

Although Apple updated its development terms on September 11th to allow the use of these types of services, Microsoft believes that customers will still have bad experiences. Because Apple requires Microsoft to provide a separate download for each game.

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