Review AES Mini RGS30 GPS Tracker SMS Locator
AES Mini RGS30 GPS Tracker SMS Locator

AES RGS30 GPS Tracker SMS Tracking Portable Vehicle Tracking with Magnetic Box

The RGS30 GPS Locator is undoubtedly the best choice for budget GPS tracking apps. The small magnetic box enables hidden mounting. Thanks to proprietary, low-power GPS technology, the RGS30 can last up to 96 hours and is seldom used after a single charge. Frequent use reduces operating time.

The RGS30 GPS locator works anywhere in the United States. Using the latest GPS mapping technology from Google EarthTM, the precise location can be displayed on the smartphone's satellite map. No modification needed.

GPS tracker uses a third-party wireless cellular network to send GPS coordinate messages to your smartphone. This is a pre-activated wireless SIM card with a pre-installed phone number (gives you at least 6 months of service). You do not need to add credit to this SIM for at least 3 months for the tracker to work. When you need to find the tracker, just use your smartphone to send a command to the phone number on the tracker's SIM card. The GPS tracker replies to a text message with the tracker's location information and Google Maps on the smartphone after receiving the message. It opens the message on your smartphone and Google Map and displays the current location of the tracker.

All trackers are 100% USA tested before leaving the factory
You can check the destination length via SMS on your smartphone and check the location via Google Earth
A pre-activated SIM card is installed in the GPS device for easy startup.
Horizontal accuracy is 2.5 meters.
Customers must have a smartphone that supports 4G / LTE services to use this route.

  • It can be used anywhere in the US and offers 3 months of pre-activated cellular service, 100% pre-tested in the US and 100% usable!
  • Small, easy-to-use, removable and dustproof magnetic box.
  • The built-in GPS battery can last up to 96 hours on a single charge.
  • With a pre-activated SIM card and phone number, it is 100% usable! ** There is no contract, no activation fees, nor tracking subscription fees.
  • All you have to do is use your smartphone to send a text command to the tracker's phone number and the GPS tracker will reply to the SMS text message and format the information on your phone. & Google Maps. .

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