Review AIRENA 2.4G USB Vertical Wireless Gaming Mouse
AIRENA 2.4G USB Vertical Wireless Gaming Mouse

AIRENA Ergonomic Wireless Mouse, 2.4G USB Vertical Gaming Mouse, with 3 Adjustable DPI Levels 800/1600/3200 6 Buttons Design for PC Laptop PC MacBook

For people who have been sitting at the computer for a long time, a high-quality vertical mouse is very important because when using a traditional mouse, the forearm is bent and under CTS, RSI, tendonitis, stress injuries or the other hand. However, when using the mouse in an upright position, the forearms and wrists are in their normal position, making your work more comfortable without being disturbed by muscle pain. It's time to refresh your mouse and improve health in the workplace!

AIRENA has found a better and more convenient way to use a mouse. Ergonomics, humanized design of human body and comfortable vertical mice of AIRENA series can reduce forearm with more natural design of distortion grip and wrist guard.

Compared to conventional mice, AIRENA's ergonomic vertical mouse chainstrips prolonged forearm muscles under tense and inhuman cones and leads to wrist or hand strains, which is ideal for everyone in this situation. Protect your hands and relieve stress.

Most people get a "mouse hand" after using a computer or laptop for long periods of time because the forearm muscles often twist during traditional body grip and handshakes. the mouse.

That's why the comfortable vertical mouse came out. Compared with traditional mouse, it features an ergonomic vertical design that is more comfortable and ergonomic for human hands.

Stylish and comfortable vertical mouse

Tired of using traditional fists? Comfortable thumb rest and grip handle are around the perimeter of your palm, which could make your hand too small or uncomfortable and comfortable to the touch.

Durable and responsive
The comfortable vertical mouse is tested with 5 million keystrokes, and is durable and can be used for a long time. Thanks to the excellent internal optical sensor, this mouse can also interact quickly and accurately with any surface.

Excellent sensitivity
Futuristic design catches your eye. This mouse is designed to improve functionality and comfort. It combines a handshake, easy-to-reach buttons, and three levels of mouse sensitivity (800/1600/3200 dpi) to improve tracking.

Review AIRENA 2.4G USB Vertical Wireless Gaming Mouse
AIRENA 2.4G USB Vertical Wireless Gaming Mouse

  • ➤ Lifetime Warranty - Trustworthy and 100% Money Back Guarantee, which means you can try out a risk-free guarantee. We give you a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects! If you receive defective items, please contact us for free through amazon order page and then click "contact seller". We provide 24-hour response and friendly lifetime customer service so you can give you a full refund or exchange for free.
  • Ergonomic Design - Ergonomic design encourages wrist and arm to maintain a healthy, neutral handshake position for smooth movement and reduce overall stress
  • Useful Side Buttons - The next / previous button makes it easy to browse the web. It is the best choice for internet users, gamers and people who work on computers for a long time.
  • ➤ More DPI Adjustments - 800/1600/3200 dpi optical tracking technology is more sensitive than standard optical mice and can perform smooth and accurate tracking on various surfaces.
  • ➤ SMART DORMANCY - After 8 minutes of inactivity, go into low power mode (turn off the power completely) and press the right or left button to wake up. (Without two AAA batteries)

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