Review Bark Home Parental Controls for Wi-Fi
Bark Home Parental Controls for Wi-Fi

Parental Controls Bark Home-5000-Wi-Fi | Manage screen time, block apps, filter kids' websites from cell phones, tablets, game consoles, etc.

Bark Home is the first hardware product from the award-winning online security service Bark Technologies. It can be connected to your family's WiFi router via the Bark app (for Android), which allows you to easily manage all the internet-connected devices in your home, from laptops and smart TVs to PlayStations, tablets and iOS). By adding Bark Home to your existing Bark service, your family can take advantage of the most comprehensive security protection available today.

  • Configure parental controls for all internet-connected devices in the home
  • Set bedtime and daily study time on all of your kids' devices to reduce disruptions online
  • Select Allowed / Blocked Sites and Apps
  • Plan free time for your children and make them happy


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