Review CGKUITER Long Range Laser Radar Detector
CGKUITER Long Range Laser Radar Detector

Long range laser / CGKUITER  radar detector, recording power, integrated GPS, acoustic alarm, red light and radar alarm, automatic LED display

  • High performance with the extended false alarm filter function is the choice of drivers who need the highest level of protection to avoid exceeding the speed limit.
  • ▶ ➤ With the GPS, common false alarms (such as automatic doors in retail stores) can be saved and switched off via the normal route, so you won't have to hear the same fake alarm twice.
  • ▶ Voice warning enables hands-free operation and ensures clear calls. The audible alarm can be programmed based on your driving style, so that you can focus on the road without being distracted.
  • ▶ ➤➤ When the location is detected, the GPS will warn you with a voice indicating that you are approaching the speed sensor so that you can confirm the speed on the road. It has full resistance of the VG-2 radar detector; Even with the device turned off, the radar warning settings can be saved electronically indefinitely.
  • ▶ ➤ The radar detector has a laser eye detector that can perform 360 degree laser detection and it is easy to install. If you are shipping from the United States, it will take less time to reach your address! (It will normally arrive within 3-7 days.)

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