Review Dell Chromebook 11 3000 3100 Laptop
Dell Chromebook 11 3000 3100 Laptop

Dell Chromebook 11 3000 3100 11.6 Laptop 'Chromebook-1366 x 768-Celeron N4020 - 4GB RAM-16GB Chrome OS-Intel HD Graphics-English Keyboard (USA) -Bluetooth-14 Rukan battery

The long-term learning function is very practical. This long-lasting 11 ”laptop features up to 14 hours of battery life and smooth management functions. OS - The unparalleled built-in Google Chrome OS tested on the unparalleled Chromebook 3000 endures school and future studies. With a tamperproof, leakproof keyboard and long battery life, students can study without interference. Extremely durable: After rigorous testing and bypassing the MIL-STD standard, the Chromebook 3100 can meet the demands of an entire school day. After testing, it can withstand 5,000 pounds of free fall and 30 inches of steel drops, and the rubber edges reduce drops and bumps. Kids Keyboard: With a leakproof and tamper-proof keyboard that can hold up to 354ml of liquid, students can learn, discover and share easily. The top mounted design also ensures that the entire palm rest does not need to be replaced if the keyboard is damaged. Niches remain protected: Niches are covered with heavy-duty brackets and are secured and tested to ensure students can be separated whenever needed. Light the last bell you need to know: This reliable Chromebook has up to 14 hours of battery life, so kids can spend most of their time in school. USB Type-C ™ supports fast power and data transfers to ensure students are connected anywhere. Powerful Performance: The Intel® Dual-Core ™ Celeron processor delivers powerful performance. And since it starts in less than 10 seconds, students can study whenever they want. Dell Compact Rechargeable Car Charger features a space-saving design that allows up to 36 systems to be charged and stored simultaneously. Our job is to make your work easier because Google gives you more: add chro as an option

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