Review DELUX 67G 2.36oz Lightweight Gaming Mouse
DELUX 67G 2.36oz Lightweight Gaming Mouse

DELUX 67G (2.36oz) lightweight gaming mouse with 16,000 dpi, honeycomb design, RGB backlight, 7 programmable buttons and integrated professional software settings (M700BU (3389) (white))

For DPI settings:
With the advanced PWM3389 tracking engine, the M700BU (3389) delivers resolutions up to 16,000 dpi and supports a minimum DPI setting of as low as "50 dpi". Just change the mouse to DPI, especially to set the button function and DPI lock function. The button is set between 50 and 550 which is a great design for shooting games.

LOD determination:
Setting LOD (Lift Distance) in some game situations - the mouse is on the edge of the mouse pad and the player must drag and lift the mouse in the center of the mouse pad while increasing the noise level and allow the mouse to lift the mouse to continue the path.

Most people agree that in most cases a low LOD is better than a high LOD. Low noise means the mouse will stop reporting as soon as possible after it is collected. If the response speed is fast and the DPI is high enough, your process may not have little noise, but rather unstable tracking when the level of detail is high.

Either way, only find the Lod that will fit your game and keep each process stable.

For macros:
Create automation by configuring macros only according to your needs.

Review DELUX 67G 2.36oz Lightweight Gaming Mouse
DELUX 67G 2.36oz Lightweight Gaming Mouse

  • [67g Lightweight Gaming Mouse] has a honeycomb design and weighs up to 67g. It comes with a 1.8m lightweight braided cable to enjoy a non-slip experience like a wireless mouse. With this lightweight body design, it provides you with fast gaming experience and reduces mouse movement fatigue.
  • [Solid 16000 DPI Gaming Mouse] Advanced PWM3389 game-tracking engine with 5 DPI speeds (10000/2000/4000/8000/16000 driver defined), 400 IPS, 50 ACC and 1000 refresh rate, 10 million Omron change life, long life
  • [Integrated Storage Settings Pro] has different setting areas. Lighting, DPI, Settings, Macros and Woodworking. You just have to specify the key in any job. Adjust mouse sensitivity, double-click speed, scroll speed, query rate and create automation function via macro settings. In particular, within the LOD parameter, find the right LOD for your game and keep each process stable
  • [RGB side lights and monochrome logo lights below] RGB side lights and monochrome logo lights. With pilot adjustment, there are 9 side lighting modes; For logo lighting, each DPI level is assigned its own color, and the logo light is changed according to the DPI level. Simply press the back button and scroll wheel at the same time to select the lighting mode
  • [All DELUX products come with a 12-month warranty and free lifetime technical support. ] [Wide Compatibility]: Compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10

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