Review DIDIVO 64GB 2-in-1 USB 3.1 Flash Drive
DIDIVO 64GB 2-in-1 USB 3.1 Flash Drive

DIDIVO USB C 64GB USB Flash Drive 2 in 1 Dual USB Flash Drive Type C USB 3.1 High Speed ​​Flash Drive Metal Storage Photo Stick Video Photo Key

Why Choose DIDIVO USB C USB Stick?
The DIDIVO USB C flash drive is the best multi-purpose USB C and USB 3.1 flash drive as it has two ports and is an ideal bridge for connecting Type C devices to computers, laptops and more. Represent devices.

The USB C stick features a one-piece metal design with an integrated keychain hole. You can just connect it with a key chain or rope that is easy to carry and avoid loss.

The USB C drive features a compact, lightweight construction, 360 ° rotation, plug-and-play, and fast heat dissipation and portability.

High speed transmission
This versatile flash drive is a high-speed USB 3.1 and USB C drive that can achieve fast read speed of 80Mbps and write speed of 30Mbps, plug-and-play can be and save and save files at high speed . Save time waiting for data to be transferred and spend more time enjoying life.

Wide compatibility
USB C Flash Drives support televisions, desktops, laptops, cars, audio devices, and more. It is an excellent storage and data transmission device that can be used for travel and work.

Two USB C and USB 3.1 ports
The 360 ​​degree steel hook design allows you to easily switch your desired Type-C interface to PC and Mac. It is the best dual port USB C and USB 3.1 flash drive for multiple purposes.

Helpful Tips for USB C Flash Drives:
The USB C memory stick is compatible with a tablet or smartphone that has a USB C port and supports OTG function.
Computers and USB flash drives have different computing capacity algorithms, computer 1G = 1024M, USB flash drive 1G = 1000M, so the capacity of the USB flash drive displayed on the computer is about 90% of the specified actual capacity capacity.
Usually, the default system for USB drives is FAT32. This format can transfer the largest single file on 4G. If you want to save HD videos, 3D movies and other single files larger than 4G, you must format the USB drive as NTFS or Exfat.
The USB flash drive is made of a metal material due to its high transfer speed, so heat is usually generated during use. Please ensure this does not affect your normal use.

  • [2 in 1 Dual Flash Drive] 64GB dual USB C flash drive with USB 3.1 and Type C interfaces, Photo Stick for PC and Photo Stick for Android Phones. Using WiFi and cloud services can effectively shorten file transfer time and greatly improve work efficiency.
  • [High Speed ​​USB 3.0 Transfer] 64GB USB-C flash drive, USB 3.0 provides up to 80MB / s read speed and 15-60MB / s write speed, so you can transfer large files from USB drive in time. Save more time and effort in transferring and downloading files.
  • Strong Compatibility [Plug and Play] 64GB USB C Transmission Drive, no software installation required. You can easily back up your phone to your computer. All you have to do is connect a USB stick to your phone and you can freely watch movies and listen to music. Support Windows / Mac OS, USB 3.1 Compatible. Support all kinds of computers and Type-C devices with OTG function.
  • [Free Spinning High Quality] 64GB USB Type-C drive features high quality metal design. The 64GB USB flash drive also uses a protective case that rotates 360 degrees to prevent the cap from falling off. The 90 degree jam design can prevent the motor from turning accidentally.
  • [Real Storage Guarantee] The DIDIVO USB C stick features real storage guarantee. Everywhere and everywhere. Please note that due to the fast transfer speed, the USB flash drive is made of metal, so it usually generates heat during use. Please ensure this does not affect your normal use.

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